Important Notice

Sandyfields Storage with cease trading on 30 September 2017 and the storage site will be permanently closed from that date. We would like to thank all our customers over the past 54 years for their support and wish you all the best for the future.

The Hazzard family

Run by three generations of the Hazzard family, we have been on this site for 56 years as nurserymen and have had a storage site here for the past 25 years.

Site Rules

  1. Access will be allowed to the site on every day of the year except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and 1st January.
  2. Access will be allowed to the site from 8.15am (9.15am on Sundays and Bank Holidays) until 45 minutes before dusk or 9.00pm, whichever occurs first. The gate will automatically shut down at the time indicated on the gate – make sure you are in and out by the time stated as the gate will automatically shut down and will not allow access. Sandyfields Nurseries Limited reserve the right to vary access hours at any time and without giving notice.
  3. Speed limit on site is a maximum of 5mph.
  4. There is to be no “tail-gating” at the card-operated lifting barrier. Only one vehicle is to pass through the lifting barrier per “swipe”.
  5. All servicing engineers working on caravans must be first authorised by Sandyfields Nurseries Limited.
  6.  No motor vehicles are to be left on the storage site overnight. Occasionally (at Sandyfields Nurseries Limited`s complete discretion) alternative arrangement can be made.
  7. Caravans are not to be cleaned by hosepipes. Any cleaning of caravans is to be by utilising buckets of water.
  8. Children and pets are welcome, but please keep them under control.
  9. Please remove all litter from the site.
  10. We prefer payment to be made by Direct Debit.
  11. Storage of all units is completely at the owners` risk. Caravan owners MUST fully insure their own units as Sandyfields Nurseries Limited DO NOT insure the same.
  12. Please ensure that all valuables are removed from the units before storage. Again, any items left in units are at the risk of the caravan owner.
  13. If you wish Sandyfields Nurseries Limited to assist with insurance arrangements then please contact us.
  14. It should be noted that many, if not all, insurers of caravans exclude vermin infestation damage. Caravan owners must protect their caravan units from vermin infestation themselves and Sandyfields Nurseries Limited can accept no responsibility in the event of vermin infestation.
  15. We emphasise (as specified in our Terms & Conditions) that our storage facilities are personal to the caravan owners. The storage facilities cannot be transferred with the caravan.
  16. Payment Terms are at least one month in advance. Caravans owners more then two months in arrears will be deemed to have terminated their agreement with us.
  17. Caravan units on site unpaid for more then 6 (six) months will be treated as abandoned and will be disposed of by Sandyfields Nurseries Limited. Storage fees and all costs relating to the removal of the caravan and sale will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale.
  18. No caravan units may be removed from the site until all payments due to Sandyfields Nurseries Limited are paid in full.
  19. The storage fees include VAT at the current rate.
  20. We operate a card-operated entrance and exit security system which involves a “one-off” fully refundable fee of £40.00 for a proximity card (lost cards will attract a similar replacement fee). This fee will be refunded when the agreement is terminated, all payments due to ourselves paid and the card returned.
  21. Collection of caravans must be by either the caravan owner or by a person presenting a signed authorisation from the caravan owner together with formal identification evidence (e.g. passport, driving licence).
  22. Sandyfields Nurseries Limited reserve the right to amend these Rules as and when they desire without first giving notice to caravan owners.

Sandyfields Nurseries Limited
April 2001